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Try a tarte for dinner

It's not what you think. La Tarte Flambée
Photo Credit: La Tarte Flambée

It’s not what you think. La Tarte Flambée at 153 E. 33rd St. uses a wood-burning oven to make tartes flambée — a grilled flatbread popular in Alsace, France. They are savory and resemble pizza but are flat like a crepe, with flavors pulled from French and German cuisine (Alsace borders Germany). Prices range from $14 to $20 depending on the toppings. Of course, you can order the sweet stuff, which include tartes made with apples, chocolate and strawberries, banana split, oreo and s’mores. The family-owned restaurant has a beautiful patio, offering a nice getaway that might make you feel transported to France.

Videos :

A word from Mathias, owner of the two locations

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La Tarte Flambée Upper East Side

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La Tarte Flambée Murray Hill

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