Vegetarian & Vegan

Just 1 in 10 adults meet the federal fruit or vegetable recommendations, according to a study published in U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES.

At la tarte flambée we know it is important and we have many vegetarian options.

  • Any tarte flambée can be made without bacon, just ask your waiter.
  • We have the PROVENCALE, the JARDIN tarte flambée and all sweet tartes flambées made with no meat.


  • The dough is made fresh daily with butter, milk and flour.  We accept of course that you bring your own preferred gluten-free, or dairy-free dough and we can serve on it. Many people go across the street to get it at Trader Joe.
  • We can also substitute the crème fraîche for olive oil.
  • The potato leek soup has no dairy and no stock. The soupe du jour is made with a touch of cream.
  • The homemade potato pancakes are vegetarian and served with salad and apple sauce. Ask for no egg to make it vegan.


  • La Tourte Marianne Veggie is also an excellent option as a vegetarian dish.
  • We have a Mac’N’Cheese with the option of plain or veggies.
  • For Brunch we serve all eggs benedict and Croque Monsieur with choice of veggies and no ham.
  • You can choose among 6 different salads options.
  • Leave some room for Desserts as there is no meat in there! chocolate mousse or crême brulée?






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